Outside the Who?

I originally intended for this site to be a continuation of the now disappointingly underutilized Beers For Breakfast (hopefully this remark will result in some retaliation and therefore increased activity on the site) but have since decided to include my own reflections and objective analyses of some other interesting activities that I enjoy participating in. So, in addition to sharing my own personal recipes and experiences producing home-made beer and kombucha featuring unconventional herbal ingredients, these surplus passions and pass-times of mine include but are certainly not limited to:

– Growing and propagating various delicious and medicinal mushrooms, as well as encountering and collecting wild species
– Exploring the world of plants through ethnobotany – how plants have impacted human culture and vice versa
Photo documenting pretty much anything that I personally find even the slightest bit beautiful or intriguing
– Developing sustainable agricultural practices including the cultivation of rare or wild plant species for food and medicine
+ A whole whack of other interrelated subjects that you will hopefully find at least somewhat entertaining.

I realize that ‘outside the hops’ is really only relevant to my attempted navigation through the straits of herbal home brewing, but the name stuck and I’m probably not going to think of anything thing else as clever. Hopefully a few of the subjects that I have decided to write about may be of use to you in some way. I also host events from time to time addressing a wide variety of subjects, mostly in the Hamilton area but also throughout Southern Ontario on occasion. For more information of any upcoming presentations or workshops that I have organized, you can check out the list on the main page under the heading ‘Upcoming Events’.


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