Here are some of my favourite electronic and written resources concerning the fields of botany, mycology, the skills and techniques of foraging for wild plants and mushrooms and how to ferment both safely and tastefully. I would recommend any of these sources to anyone that is interested in seeking scientifically credible and reliable information on any of these widely diverse and interconnected subjects.

It’s in all of our best interests to share each other’s trusted resources, and I will continuously update this page as new information reveals itself to me. Know of a good resource you’d like to recommend to others? Let me know.


Canadensys – Database of Vascular Plants of Canada (VASCAN) – contains accurate, reliable taxonomic information on both native and introduced plants in Canada as well as  province by province distribution maps for each species.

Michigan Flora – An absolutely indispensable resource and online dichotomous key to the vascular plants native and introduced to Michigan, with many if not most species also occurring in the surrounding regions. The accompanying book is also marvellous.

Plants for a Future (PFAF) – Focused on ecologically sustainable horticulture and features highly detailed profiles on the growing requirements and edible, medicinal and practical uses of more than 700,000 plants found worldwide. Also boasts several excellent publications.

Wikipedia– Although the content of the articles need to be viewed with a healthy level of scepticism, Wikipedia is often a great source to be introduced to a topic/specimen and provides a useful platform for further and more detailed exploration.

Mushrooms of Toronto – An attractive, well written and easily accessible introductory level field guide to many fungi that are likely to be found in urban and suburban environments in not just Toronto but throughout southern Canada.

North American Mycological Society – A vast repository of information and resources regarding identifying, cultivating and appreciating fungi as well as a central organization which connects mycological societies throughout North America.


Mushroom Cultivation

Mycelium Running – Paul Stamets (2005)

Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms  – Paul Stamets (2000)

Organic Mushroom Farming & Mycoremediation – Tradd Cotter (2014)

Radical Mycology – Peter McCoy (2016)

Wild Mushroom Identification

Mushrooms Demystified
– David Arora (1986)

All that the Rain Promises and More – David Arora (1991)

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms – (1981)

Mushrooms & Other Fungi of North America – Roger Phillips (2010)



Mycosource – (Toronto, Ontario)

Wylie Mycologicals – (Georgrian Bluffs, Ontario)

Mycoboutique – (Montréal, Quebec)

United States:

The Mushroom Patch – (Delta, Ohio)

Field & Forest Products – (Peshtigo, Wisconsin)

Fungi Perfecti – (Olympia, Washington)